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Prior to placing a dental implant, we may need to address any concerns that may impact the long-term success of the procedure. For most general dentist offices, these concerns would be referred to an outside specialist for treatment. At Smiles by Design, Dr. Richard Howes has dedicated countless hours to learning advanced procedures to bring you the most comprehensive care available.

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Periodontal Services We Offer

The following periodontal services can be performed in our office without an outside referral:

Most bone grafting procedures are performed to restore the bone to its original form, maintain structure after an extraction, or prepare the mouth for implants. Healthy bone serves to maintain tooth health, providing a stable structure that forms your smile.
A ridge augmentation may be performed after a tooth has been extracted or in preparation for a dental implant, to recreate the natural contour of the gums and jaw.
A sinus lift may be necessary to add bone to your upper jaw and create more space to provide a foundation for dental implants on the upper arch.
If there is too much damage for the tooth to be effectively repaired, an extraction may be required. Teeth that require extraction are typically broken or damaged beyond repair from trauma or decay. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss.
If there is insufficient gum tissue, guided tissue regeneration can serve as a method to promote natural regeneration of the tissue in the affected area.
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Dr. Howes has received extensive laser technology training through BIOLASE, a leading laser system company, and is one of the few dentists trained to use two different types (wavelengths) of laser technology.. His skill and expertise have allowed him to transform smiles for decades, promoting a happier, healthier community.

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Advanced Laser Technology

To make your appointments more comfortable and efficient, we offer advanced laser technology to perform the following periodontal procedures:

Using laser technology, we can remove infectious bacteria and damaged gum tissue below the gum line through a minimally-invasive technique. This procedure helps promote a healthy foundation before dental implants are placed.
A frenectomy is typically performed on children to remove a section of the frenum, or thin muscular attachment between the gums and lips, or tongue and floor of the mouth. The procedure is necessary when these muscles impact proper function. A laser is a modern alternative to traditional methods of removal that involves much less pain and cauterizes the tissue to eliminate the need for any sutures.
Before gum disease progresses into advanced stages that jeopardize the bone and ligaments, a gingivectomy may be performed to remove diseased gum tissue and buildup.
To improve a gummy smile, we can perform a crown lengthening procedure to remove excess gum tissue and reveal more of your natural teeth.

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