How We Determine the Cost of Your Dental Implant in Mt. Pleasant, SC

How We Determine the Cost of Your Dental Implant

February 20, 2018

Dental implants offer a variety of unique benefits. They are very durable, which means you can rely on them to meet your needs for many years after placement. They are also great for bone health because they stimulate the jaw bone in the absence of natural tooth roots.

Factors That Influence Dental Implant Cost

Before you proceed with treatment, you probably want to know how much your dental implants will cost. We wish it was easy to provide you with an answer, but no two dental implant cases are exactly alike, and many factors can determine the final cost. Here are a few of the factors that help us determine the cost of your dental implant:

  • Type of implant
  • Number and location of implants
  • Extra procedures

First, it’s important to note that there are different types of implants available for use. Some are made from titanium while others are made from ceramic. We generally use titanium implant posts because they’re very strong, resistant to corrosion and have a high rate of acceptance by the body. Titanium is also typically more affordable than ceramic, which makes it a great choice for many patients.

Once the type of implant is determined, we need to consider the number of implants needed, as well as their locations. Dr. Richard Howes is an experienced dentist who knows how to place implants anywhere in the mouth. However, the more visible the implant will be, the more precision is required during placement. For this reason, implants located in the front of the mouth are often more expensive than implants located in the back of the mouth.

Finally, if any extra procedures are required, such as periodontal disease treatment, bone grafting or sinus augmentation, the total cost of treatment will increase. We’ll provide you with a detailed cost estimate once Dr. Howes has performed a thorough examination.

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