Impress Friends and Family This Year With a Smile Makeover in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Impress Friends and Family This Year With a Smile Makeover

December 17, 2017

The big family holidays are here, and for most people, it is important to enjoy this time of year instead of being stressed out about your teeth. Many patients decide to start their smile makeover this time of the year to get ready for the parties, family events and cheer. Dr. Richard D. Howes is a trusted cosmetic dentist in Livermore, CA who can help you start your journey to that perfect, beautiful smile this year. Instead of being embarrassed about how you look and speak, you can finally put yourself out there and be ready for this magical time of year. Check out these great reasons why you should focus on your smile.

First Impressions

Holiday time is the moment during the year where you may meet many new friends or finally see someone you have not talked to in years. If you want to leave a lasting positive impression, start by paying attention to your smile.

Holiday Memories

The memories of the season should be filled with laughter, cheer and love. Hiding yourself away because you are embarrassed about the state of your teeth will make it impossible for you to generate new, happy memories with the ones you love. Dr. Howes can help you feel better about spreading the cheer with your smile.

Perfect Photos

Another reason to focus on your smile is because of those moments captured in time forever, family photos. You can finally feel confident about standing right in the middle of the shot with your biggest smile once you have addressed your problem teeth.

Treatment Options

Dr. Howes offers a variety of effective treatments for those who need a smile upgrade. From beautiful porcelain veneers, to natural-looking crowns to a full set of dental implants, we have something for everyone to make their smile pretty again.

Our office is ready to field questions about any of our treatments for a new smile. Contact us today to get started on the way to a new, attractive smile.

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