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Minimally-Invasive Laser Gum Surgery

Care for Your Oral Health Without Pain or Fear

Have you found yourself avoiding dental treatment? The idea of more complex procedures, such as osseous surgery to treat gum disease, can be frightening due to the nature of traditional surgeries:

  • Painful
  • Cutting and Stitching of the Gums
  • Long Healing Times
  • Long Procedures

Take The Comfortable, Long-Term Path

Rather than undergoing invasive procedures, many find it easier to avoid treatment altogether. However, failing to receive necessary gum disease treatment can lead to further complications, from tooth loss to systemic disease that affects your overall health. Smiles by Design offers laser gum surgery treatment options that are minimally-invasive, and more efficient than traditional solutions. Call us today to discover how laser gum surgery can be used to help you.

How Can Lasers Change Your Dental Experience?

Dr. Richard Howes has incorporated lasers into his practice since the 1990’s, using them to effectively assist in a number of dental procedures, including gum disease treatment. Laser technology helps keep patients at ease with quick and efficient treatment. Use of the BIOLASE WaterLase MD™ or Diode Laser allows the patient to:

  • Enjoy a Minimally-Invasive Dental Procedure
  • Experience Little to No Pain
  • Return to Normal Activities Within a Day or Two
  • Feel More Comfortable
  • Spend Less Time in the Dental Chair

What Procedures Can Lasers Be Used For?

Lasers replace drills, scalpels and tools that often cause uneasiness and fear in patients. Using this one effective tool during the following procedures can help patients relax and speed up the healing process.

Lasers are used to gentle and effectively remove harmful bacteria that contribute to gum disease. Infected gum tissue is treated and healthy tissue remains intact. There is no cutting of the gums or invasive tools. Laser treatment is highly effective and recommended for most stages of gum disease.
Do your gums have an unwanted shape? Gingivoplasty can reshape the gums for a more even, desirable look.
Have you ever heard of a “gummy smile?” A gingivectomy is a procedure performed to remove excess gum tissue to expose more of the natural tooth. It is also used to in cases of gum disease where deep pockets make it difficult to clean plaque.
A frenectomy procedure involves removing a frenum, or piece of tissue, in the mouth, which often obstructs normal function in infants and adults. Using laser technology, we can gently remove this piece without cutting or stitches, resulting in a near pain-less experience.

Get Started Today

Dr. Howes is one of only a handful of dentists who is certified to use two different wavelengths of dental lasers. Thanks to his skill and expertise, the BIOLASE Corporation, an industry leader in dental laser technology, invited him to travel to Melbourne, Australia to educate dental professionals about the use of laser technology when it was introduced to the area in 2001.

Treat your gum disease with laser alternatives by scheduling your appointment today.

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