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I'm probably the only person you will read about who makes under 40k a year, who will travel ~250 miles to go see a dentist. I live in Reno and I really do travel all the way down here to see the team at Smiles By Design. The doctor is amazing with a light touch and never fails to make me feel comfortable and I'm never in pain when he is doing work on my teeth. I come down for cleanings too, not just the root canal, cavity, or crown that they have also done for me there. I love these people, they all make me feel like family, not just another client. Also, Katrina is an amazing tech; she took the molds of my teeth and sent them out to have a hard night-guard made. The guard arrived, but it was out of shape, so she took the time to modify it and it works great now. I wear it when riding my motorcycle and when I sleep, that is how much I like it.

When I referred someone, they gave me a teeth whitening kit that worked amazing too. This is the best dentist EVER. Even my wife, who seems unbelievably scared of dentists, went here and was not adverse to coming back. That had never happened before!

John E.

If you're looking for an educated dentist for an affordable cost AND an excellent team on top of everything else, go see Dr. Howes! He really is one-of-a-kind.

Bailey M.

I am comfortable at Smiles By Design with their friendly staff. They take into account my health needs and allow me to feel comfortable during my visits.

Debra B.

I had a great experience during my appointment at Smiles By Design. I had two small fillings done and the staff was so comforting and made me feel at ease. They were very polite and understanding to my phobia of needles.

Megan C.

My experience here has always been a positive one. The office is run on time, professionally, friendly and efficiently. Dr. Howes is very skillful and careful. I would definitely recommend them.

Art W.

Just had my teeth cleaned by Smiles By Design and I am very happy with the results. I feel confident in my smile, clean, and everything went well. I will continue to recommend Smiles by Design to everyone I know.

Dennis S.

The comfort that this office offers to their patients is a big part of what makes them great. They always manage to allow me to rest easy, even when I am having my teeth cleaned.

Jesse M.
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