Same Day Smiles This Summer in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Same Day Smiles This Summer

July 6, 2018

Summertime is the time for vacations, outdoor activities, and great summer photos. It’s also when you make your best barbecue, corn on the cob, and other grilled delights. It can be hard to enjoy your best summer when oral pain has you sidelined, though. If you need a new crown to set up your summer smile, you need to talk to Dr. Howes about how CEREC can give you a same-day solution to your summer smile.

Crowns Without Waiting

The issue with traditional crowns is the wait time. While the end result is usually a fantastic fit that blends in with your other teeth, the multi-week wait for a custom permanent crown fixture often leaves patients sidelined for a significant part of the grilling season. When you opt for the same-day process, advanced computer imaging and 3D printing are used to create the crown while you wait. Then your cosmetic dentist is able to install it before you go. By the next morning, you are ready to enjoy your regular summer activities with a confident smile.

Advantages to Same-Day Crowns

CEREC is more than just a convenience. Faster routes to permanent crowns also help these serious issues for patients who have had a root canal in clear ways. They:

  • Reduce chances of infection around the site of the root canal due to prolonged exposure.
  • Leave no chance of accidentally swallowing or fracturing a temporary replacement crown
  • Reduce oral pain while eating sooner
  • Decrease the number of return visits needed and the ensuing schedule disruption

Make Your Appointment Today

If you need a root canal, or if you’ve recently had one and you still need a crown, contact our office today. Associates are available during regular business hours to set you up with an appointment, and they’re also happy to answer questions you have about that first appointment. Don’t wait, you can enjoy your whole summer with a same-day solution to your need for a new crown.

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